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Museum as Hub exhibition at New Museum, NYC 2012
Project: Lisa Sigal - collaboration with Lisa Sigal and Erwin van Doorn.

Lisa Sigal's Line-up began as a proposal to "paint" a gesture into the surroundings of the New Museum. Looking out the glass front of the fifth-floor Resource Center, Sigal chose a color in the landscape to amplify and exaggerate: the seafoam green bicycle lane on Prince Street. A metaphor for the effects of the New Museum on its new neighborhood, Sigal imagines the line continuing into the horizon and beyond. In the realization of this project in New York, Sigal worked with individuals and organizations, depending upon their cooperation, counsel, and support to shape the final project. Inspired by the Museum as Hub project, Sigal also worked with museum as Hub partner projects in Cairo, Eindhoven, Mexico City, and Seoul, respectively - to find ways to continue the line around the world. Photographs document each artist's interpretation of Sigal's request in the context of his or her surroundings, the angle of the line alluding to the next appearance of Siga's line in its global circumnavigation.

More info: www.lisasigal.net

Medium: Lambda prints mounted on Dibond
Dimensions: 60x90cm